My area of study is women’s activism in the mid- to late 19th century, with a focus on women’s bicycling practices.

I see my project as a study of feminism, the body, public space and commercialized leisure, speaking to scholarship within women’s and gender history as well as the history of sport. I am interested in furthering my study of race and class in women’s bicycling and the history of women’s cycling clubs. I am also working to understand bicycling within transnational contexts and empire-building projects. My research interests also include the history of medicine, feminist theory and pedagogy, and American and British imperialism.

Women’s and Gender History is my primary field of study. Divided into two subfields, I study antebellum Women’s History along with the Atlantic World and Comparative Colonialisms and Women and Gender after 1865. My secondary fields are American History and History of Science and Medicine.