Teaching is an integral aspect of my education, one that I take seriously and greatly enjoy. I have served a variety of teaching positions within academia, including teaching assistantships at the undergraduate and graduate level, tutoring, teaching my own course, and working behind the scenes in my department.

As a graduate teaching assistant at Michigan State, I design and facilitate weekly discussion sections, grade assignments, meet regularly with students, and attend lectures. I have served as the GTA for a variety of courses in American History and Women’s Studies.

I have taken advantage of numerous training programs to further my knowledge and skills in teaching and pedagogy. At the University of Louisville, I attended the Graduate Teaching Academy for the 2010-2011 academic year. Through this program, I studied syablus development, testing, active learning and similar areas of curriculum development. I was also challenged to rethink and define my own teaching and how I want students to experience the classroom. At UofL, I was also involved in the Ideas to Action Quality Enhancement Plan, a working group to implement university-wide critical thinking protocol.